Patch Notes: Head Start Four

Patch Notes: Head Start Four

Posted on 08/10/2015 - 17:24

Hey all! Head Start Four is almost upon us and we have a heaping ton of patch notes to share with you all. Over the past several weeks n-Space has been reading your comments and combing through various bug reports in order to improve people’s experiences during Head Start Four. The good news is that we we’ve managed implement over 2,100 fixes (give or take a few) and were able to address a number of the community’s concerns. We'll be working on SCL for a long time to come and we thank you for your support and for the incredible modules you’ve made so far.

New DM placeable objects: Flopping Fish (extra floppy), Job Board, Bandit Totem, Fence (Bandit), Statue (Castle), Trash, Crate Stack, Crates (Bandit), Books, Books (Open), Sewer Debris 1, Sewer Debris 2, Mushroom Cluster (Grey), Mushroom Cluster (Pink), Drow Torture Pillar (extra evil), Duergar Auto-Hammer, Bear Trap, Wooden Chair (Broken), Bandit Torture Table, Brazier (Lit), Brazier (Unlit), Brazier (Magic), Floating Magical Torch (Purple), Floating Magical Torch (Green) - GREEN FLAMES!, Bandit Hanging Lantern, Bandit Torch, Bandit Torch (Small), Drow Cairn Light, Drow Statue Light, Pottery (White), Pottery (Tan), Bottles, Wolf Corpse and more!

• Boss Fight Improvements: Difficulty has been increased for the following boss fights...
o Master Assassin
o Demonic Shadow
o Necromancer’s Shade
o The Beholder

• Added Imp to the DM’s Custom Creature List
• Added Succubus to the DM’s Custom Creature List
• Bigger Crits: The amount of damage (number) dealt by critical strikes will now appear larger than non-critical damage and will take longer to disappear.
Higher tier weapons, such as life-stealing, should now be more properly balanced

Networking Improvements:
• Fixed major bandwidth issue with Vendors
• Improved low-bandwidth and bad connection situations
• Improved bandwidth in combat
• Made numerous general bandwidth improvements
• Improved character movement of enemies and network players.

• Dungeon Masters will now be able to set the difficulty of traps and hidden doors to "impossible" meaning that DMs should now be able to seal off areas of the map from players. This means DMs will have more control over the flow of their dungeons.
• Dungeon Masters will now be able to set the difficulty of traps and hidden doors to "always", meaning that DMs can now make the hidden things detectable by those w/o search (or with low WIS).
On party-wipe, enemy HP is fully restored increasing overall encounter difficulty
• DM can now modify creature health in real-time from the blade menu or keyboard (, and .)
• DM quest rewards are now always random magical items.
• Quest-giving vendors will show their quest icon instead of vendor icon.
• World map shows valid quests for each map location so players will be more aware of which quests reside.
• New animation added for the Wizard spell meteor swarm. The spell should now look a bit more menacing.
• New spell effect added to the restore ability.
• Added tactical pause UI button to quick-bar.
• Enemy bosses have new and improved portraits
• ESCAPE now cancels out of DM menus.
• Updating a shared module no longer wipes the stats on that module. It only wipes the module’s rating.
• DM can acquire DM loot while in combat
• Ranger pets should now have improved pathing and A.I.
• Creature info pane in DM HUD now shows the faction of the creature (Hostile, Neutral, Friendly) and if the creature has a quest on them
• DM selected creatures retain their selection info (name, health, ring) while you manipulate them from the blade menu.
• New location movement gizmo: Moving a location on the DM map requires a new menu selection to fix an issue where locations could accidentally shift when you click on them.
• Players will only be prompted to rate the DM if they’ve spent 5+ minutes in the game.
• We disabled DM trap placement in the Adventurer’s Camp.
• DM keyboard shortcuts now work in Edit mode.
• DM’s wisp portrait changes in the HUD when the DM changes his/her wisp.
• DM can now use hotkeys to use DM loot on the quick-bar.
• DMs can no longer put action text on a container that has loot in it.
• Added DM controls such as Delete Object, Rotate Object Clock-wise and Rotate Object Counter-Clockwise to key binding options. We also added the F1 “map ping” function to key bindings.
• And many, many more!

Bugs Fixed:
• Capes should no longer get stuck on character’s heads. “You may applaud…”
• Navigation should be improved in relation to placeable barriers.
• Fixed a bug where A.I. companions would occasionally join the party with no ability points to spend.
• Illydia’s cape should no longer go through her waist (on client side).
• Dead players should no longer be able to highlight enemies through fog of war for their party.
• Fixed a bug where joining in progress gives the player the DM’s camera zoom-level.
• Fixed a bug where ambush triggers disappeared even though they had not been triggered and the encounter had not been spawned.
• Fixed the bug where DM vendors had no high-level (blue or purple) loot when the average party level is 20.
• Fixed bug where DM was getting a cut of the gold the party collected. (sorry DMs!)
• Fixed audio issues associated with Flask of Oil
• And many many more….

Server Browser Updates:
• Game difficulty should now be visible
• Games should now show clearly whether a (live) DM is in a game
• The Dungeon Master’s rating should now be visible
• Players can now sort by Dungeon Master rating
• Players can now sort by most-full or least-full games
• Players can now sort by difficulty
• We have updated the level range filter to let players more easily find games around their level.
• Players can now see the difficulty of the game in the lobby even while the host is actively changing it.
• Added Session menu that shows everyone in the game, their player and steam names, along with ping information. From here you can kick (as host) or report other players.
• Players should now be able to easily see the number of open games as well as the number of open games with a (live) Dungeon Master.