Patch Notes: Head Start Three

Patch Notes: Head Start Three

Posted on 25/09/2015 - 12:58

Here is some info on this weekend’s Sword Coast Legends Head Start Three. Head Start Three will implement a number of fixes designed to remedy the lag and connectivity issues some folks experienced during Head Start Two. If you are playing during Head Start Two, please keep us in the loop and let us know about your experience Head Start Bugs Forum.

While there may not be many changes this week, all of your suggestions, bugs and concerns being reported to our Head Start Bugs Forum are currently being looked at and analyzed by the SCL team.

Head Start Three

  • We have made a lot of networking improvements under the hood and have integrated additional analytics that will allow us to better diagnose any issues future players may have.
  • Server pings should now be visible in the lobby after a game has been joined.
  • Ping can now be checked using left bracket “[”.
  • While searching for games, locations close to the player should now appear first on the players list (thus improving the ability to find a game with a good connection).
  • Major Networking Fix: Bandwidth requirements greatly reduced.
  • UI Fixes: DM Rating should be properly displayed within the lobby.