Sword Coast Legends is Headed to PAX!

Sword Coast Legends is Headed to PAX!

Posted on 24/08/2015 - 11:31

Heading to PAX this week? Good news! Sword Coast Legends will be playable on the PAX show floor at the Wizards of the Coast booth (#1642) Friday-Monday, 10-6 – In Exhibitors Hall.

Be a Hero!: The Demon Lords and their minions threaten to drown the world of Faerûn in madness, and we need your help to stop them. Gather your party and head into the Underdark for a preview of Sword Coast Legends – a new team-based Dungeons & Dragons game coming to PC, Mac and Linux in September and to the Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

Be the DM! : Each party will have a Dungeon Master who builds the dungeon, controls the monsters and guides the story. Challenge the heroes with traps, secret doors and custom-made bad guys you can drop in the dungeon on the fly. And it’s not a real adventure without a little treasure. All heroes and DMs who play the demo will receive the limited edition PAX Prime Pinny Arcade Belaphoss pin.

If you’d like to meet n-Space or learn a bit more about Sword Coast Legends, you’re in luck! Members of the n-space team will be appearing on various panels at PAX. Drop by and say hi!

Digital Dungeon Masters – Sword Coast Legends Brings Tabletop-style D&D to Video Games

Wyvern Theatre
Saturday 8/29 1:00PM - 2:00PM

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to act as a real-time digital Dungeon Master in Sword Coast Legends. The n-Space team will start things off by giving us some insights and stories of the game’s development and working on a digital D&D game. Then we’ll dive into the campaign tools and build a little adventure with the audience! We’ll finish things up with an early look at the Rage of Demons DLC hitting later this year, including an exclusive reveal of a new player class and race along with monsters and environments for DMs.
Panelists: Dan Tudge [Director/President, n-Space], Tim Schwalk [Design Director, n-Space], Trevor Kidd [D&D Associate Brand Manager, Wizards of the Coast], Jay Turner [Narrative Director, n-Space]

Design a Dungeon

Wyvern Theatre
Monday 8/31 10:30AM - 11:30AM

There are a lot of elements that go into making a satisfying dungeon adventure for use in a tabletop D&D game or in Sword Coast Legends, the new CRPG from n-Space. We're going to throw all that out the window and crowdsource the whole shebang, asking the audience to brainstorm aspects like the dungeon's location, the common monsters and, of course, the big bad villain. After an hour, we'll have created an outline for an awesome adventure – or a complete farce. It's up to you!
Panelists: Mike Mearls [Senior Manager / D&D / R&D, Wizards of the Coast], Jay Turner [Narrative Director for Sword Coast Legends, n-Space], Katie Wilson [Actor / Host, YouTube], Greg Tito [Communications Manager, Wizards of the Coast]

Darkmagic Vs. Do’Urden – Acquisitions Inc. D&D Live

Main Theatre
Friday 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Armed with the latest monster-slaying technology, the heroes of Acquisitions Incorporated undertake perilous journey into a demon-infested Underdark. Dare to descend with Jim Darkmagic, Omin Dran, Binwin Bronzebottom, and Viari as they search for a legendary dark elf swordsman who, in his quest to put an end to the machinations of the demon lords, has lost his mind. Can the dual wands of Jim Darkmagic overcome the twin scimitars of Drizzt Do’Urden and rescue him from the brink of madness?
Stay tuned to our various social media channels for a chance to attend Acquisitions Inc. D&D Live with the n-Space team!