Design Council - Armor Workshop - Phase Four

Design Council - Armor Workshop - Phase Four

Posted on 21/07/2015 - 15:20

Greetings design council members! This time we'll be choosing the name and lore behind our suit of plate-mail. Aspects of this armor will be chosen by the design council and by the time the forges run cold (and the votes are complete) the council will have assisted in the design of an armor set which will then be created by the team and added to Sword Coast Legends.

Wish to become a member of the Design Council and access special forums and many other perks? Access is granted as a thank you to all Limited Collector's Edition and Limited Campaign Collector's Edition pre-orders. Both packs can be ordered [HERE]

Once you have become a design council member, drop by the exclusive forums and cast your vote [HERE]

Phase four of the DC's armor workshop is currently live [HERE]