Hommet Shaw

Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Gender: Male


It takes a lot for a young wizard to be exiled from Longsaddle, the home of the famously eccentric Harpell wizards, but Hommet Shaw managed to pull it off. He’s a very talented wizard, but his attention to detail leaves something to be desired… to say the least. He’s young, and eager, and desperate to prove himself, but, well, necromancy isn’t the most widely accepted magical specialty, and it’s hard to find a mentor who won’t go all “Dine upon the fearsome hatred of the DEAD!” on you. When he sees a chance to accompany the heroes into battle, he takes it as a chance to prove himself… and make some friends in the bargain.

Humans: Humans of Faerûn are diverse and adaptable, capable of living anywhere and excelling in nearly any environment. Short-lived by the standards of dwarves and elves, humans often come across as fiery and opinionated, obsessed and ambitious. While other races may excel in specific areas of specialization, humans show aptitude for a wide variety of skills and talents. This flexibility has allowed humans to spread across the world, leading the human race to split into multiple ethnicities, each as diverse in culture and beliefs as any two other races in Faerûn.

The Harpells: Among the magic-using peoples of the Sword Coast, the Harpell family enjoys a position of particular renown and notoriety. While the Harpells are generally known to be kind-hearted, those who are closest to them know them to be dangerously eccentric. The Harpells possess great libraries of lore and massive troves of magical knowledge… the latter due largely to the strange and often ill-advised experiments they carry out in the pursuit of knowledge. The Harpells live in the Ivy Mansion in Longsaddle, where they have been known to serve outsiders as advisors or on rare occasions to train young wizards in the magical arts.