Soronil Noonshadow

Race: Moon Elf
Class: Wizard
Gender: Male


Luskan is a place where reputation means more than honor, and information sells better than ale… and thus, it’s the perfect place for Soronil Noonshadow. A moon elf diviner with a taste for mysteries, Soronil is a storehouse of information, both fact and rumor, and he’s willing to share it with anyone willing to pay his price. As such, he is a valuable source for those who, like Illydia and Larethar, seek ways to make up for past mistakes. While he’s open to sharing information to those willing to pay—or to work—for it, his own past is a bit of a mystery… as is his ability to remain alive in Luskan, given the enemies that a man in his line of work tends to make.

The Luskan Underground : The City of Sails is a city run by the High Captains of the five Ships, the pirate gangs that rule the city, but it also has a thriving criminal underground that specializes in things from smuggling, assassinations, and even hiding those who may have fallen afoul of one of the Ships. Information brokers, shady businessmen, and gangs all operate under the High Captains’ noses, knowing that should the Ships catch on to their activities, it might take more than gold to get them to look the other way.

Principal among the underground factions in Luskan is the organization known as Bregan D’aerthe. Founded by the infamous drow mercenary Jarlaxle Baenre, Bregan D’aerthe has taken hold in the ruins beneath Luskan and infiltrated the Ships themselves. Other criminal groups in Luskan include the Dead Rats, a gang that includes a number of wererats among their members, and the Dragonbloods, a feared organization rumored to be dealing in the slave trade, one of the few criminal enterprises frowned upon in the City of Sails.