Companion Bio: Izhkin

Companion Bio: Izhkin

Posted on 19/05/2015 - 14:17

Izhkin, Lord of the Dark: Children cry and animals wail in the presence of Izhkin, Lord of the Dark. The greatest mind of his generation, Izhkin towers over the intellectual, physical, and mystical simpletons with which he is forced to share this world. In order to move secretly among the rabble, he masquerades as a lowly thief and assassin, but one should rest assured that he is, indeed, the Lord of the Dark. While other derro are known for being cruel, insane, and evil, Izhkin simply wishes to rule his realm with benevolence, regardless of whose spleen he has to rip out and give to Golgamann, his assistant, who only seems to talk to Izhkin himself. Also, the author of this bio certainly is not doing so at the point of an envenomed dagger, so you know all of this is true.

Izhkin is as adept with his blades as he is good-looking… possibly even moreso. His contacts in the black markets of the Underdark allow him to procure goods no one else would touch, and you could hardly find a better guide through the caves, chasms, and caverns of the Underdark… as long as you’re not overly stuck on being able to trust—or even comprehend, for that matter—your guide.

The Underdark: The Underdark is vast and mostly unknown, riddling the deep layers of the bedrock with caverns, chasms, seas and canyons which hold writhing horrors and ancient mysteries yet to be discovered.

A Past Shrouded in Mystery: Throughout the Underdark one can find evidence of nameless civilizations that have come and gone. Bizarre architecture, enormous entry gates, twisting passageways, and carved caverns etched with unknown runes wait to be discovered.

Searching for Ancient Relics: The deeper one goes, the more likely one is to encounter something never before seen or stumble on a forgotten city. Many intrepid adventurers seek relics and hunt for lost magic and lore by exploring unmapped areas and braving the unknown domains.

Water Plentiful, Food Scarce: Water is fairly easy to come by, but finding food is tricky for surface dwellers exploring the Underdark. Strange plants and animals live here, and knowing what to eat and what not to eat is a challenge. Large patches of edible flora or places where fauna congregate are often tended and guarded by Underdark races.

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