Sword Coast Legends: Head Start Contest!

Sword Coast Legends: Head Start Contest!

Posted on 09/10/2015 - 13:45

As a thanks to our growing community we’ll be giving away THREE of our Belaphoss Statues signed by the Sword Coast Legends development team (the base, not the statue itself). Contest winners will be chosen some time after Head Start Four concludes on Sunday 10/11. It may take us a wee bit to sift through the submissions, so hang in here!

Contest One: Studio Favorite Module: This weekend, members of the n-Space team will be sticking around the studio to play YOUR modules. The devs will convene and discuss the modules that made the best use of the DM tools. The declared winner will receive a signed Belaphoss statue!

Contest Two: Best Story: Do you like to write? Show us! We will examine as many modules as possible during the head start programs and will reward the author with the best story a signed Belaphoss statue. As we stated previously, members of the development team will convene to discuss the modules that stood out to them the most. Get creative!

Contest Three: The Strongest Stream: Are you streaming Sword Coast Legends this weekend? If so, save your session and e-mail the link (YouTube preferred) to info@n-Space.com. The streamer with the best show (audience engagement, etc.) may just win a signed Belaphoss statue.

  • Due to travels the SCL Head Start Contest has been extended to include HS5
  • More details about final submission dates/times will be posted soon
  • n-Space reserves the right to extend the contest based on numerous factors including the number of submissions.