Patch Notes: Head Start Two

Patch Notes: Head Start Two

Posted on 18/09/2015 - 12:17

Head Start Two Patch Build Notes


• Added /say (or /s) to allow players to speak as their character. It also allows Dungeon Masters to speak as NPCs and Enemies.
• Added tool-tips to all DM menus
• Treasure chests have a per-location limit that varies based on the size of the location.
• Hosts can now kick players from in-game by right-clicking on their portraits.
• Added DM ratings!
• Added a plethora of pause and auto-pause options.
o Allows for pausing in multiplayer games (DM and/or adventurers).
• Added option for unlimited DM Threat.
• Added floating XP notifications.
• Added overhead indicators to show when players are in menus.
• Quest icon now appears for everyone in the camp when a dungeon crawl is ready.
• Added Module Complete notification! DMs can flag which quest(s) should trigger it. Or if they don’t flag any quests, it will appear once all quests have been completed.
• Friend games are always listed in server list (if they aren’t full).
• Key Binding!
• Pressing F1 pings your companion’s maps, letting them know your position and status.
• Only the first player to bring up the world map can control map travel.


• Character data is auto-saved every 5 minutes, and on entering new areas.
• Gold is now split among all players in the party.
• Added new DM creature Sets: Beasts and Dead Rats
• Added new DM objects: Rat, Rabbit, CHICKEN, Occult Candles, and treasure chests!
• Pressing ESC now closes open DM blade menus.
• Gave DMs access to interiors of small city sections.
• Can now left-click to select friendly creatures (required right-click before)
• Neutral creatures now have purple rings to differentiate them from friendlies with blue rings.
• Playing as a low level adventurer isn’t as difficult as it was.
• Difficulty in DM games is now set as part of the menu flow.

Bugs fixed

• Speaking to a quest giver a second time no longer shows empty conversation.
• No more black screens when loading into games.
• Fixed bug where dead players received no XP at the end of an encounter
• Fixed bug preventing Beholder from spawning in some dungeons.
• Fixed bug where clients weren’t receiving quest rewards in DM games.
• Fixed some bugs with VOIP that sometimes prevented VOIP from working after level transitions.
• Server list no longer shows a DM as present when one isn’t there.
• Fixed loud active search sound bug.
• Sewer creature set no longer causes a party wipe with each encounter.
• Companions now have abilities when they enter a game.
• Enemies now drop aggro after players die (Boss won’t follow you back to the starting location).

Known Issues

• During Head Start Two players may create a maximum of ten characters. If characters are deleted it may lead to the instability of other characters made on the player's account.