Impressions: Gamesbeat - This Isn't Last Generation's D&D

Impressions: Gamesbeat - This Isn't Last Generation's D&D

Posted on 19/10/2015 - 18:14

Check out the latest SCL impressions from Gamesbeat!

"When Sword Coast Legends opens and starts talking about the Time of Troubles, when the gods walked Faerûn (the world of the Forgotten Realms), instead of the Spellplague (another cataclysm, though one players never embraced in the same manner as the earlier disaster), I smiled. Referencing a special time in the Realms’ development in your prologue shows me that developers N-Space and Digital Extremes not just get the setting but also which parts captivate fans."

"I’m enjoying leveling up my characters and outfitting them with the gear and loot I find in dungeons. I especially enjoy how it’s linking its story to events that originated long before the misbegotten Spellplague and are happening now in D&D’s “Rage of Demons” event."

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