Gamespot Interview: Sword Coast Legends' Composer Inon Zur

Gamespot Interview: Sword Coast Legends' Composer Inon Zur

Posted on 21/10/2015 - 19:05

We were lucky enough to have Inon Zur create the score for Sword Coast Legends. The folks at Gamespot sat down with Inon to talk a bit about the SCL score and writing music for RPGs.

Gamespot: Having worked on a lot of RPGs, of course you're trying to do something that's unique and different. Are there any specific sounds that you try to incorporate into the genre?

Inon Zue: Genre is something that is very general. Fallout is an RPG, Lord of the Rings is an RPG, Sword Coast Legends is an RPG. They are all role-playing games, but they are very, very different. For Sword Coast Legends, I used a specific ethnic instrument to be the signature voice of the score. A duduk, which is an Armenian flute and has a very unique sound. It's not like another flute; it's nasally and it sounds very unique. I used this as the signature for Sword Coast Legends. I try to find and develop a very unique language for each game so it will become sort of the language that we're speaking inside the game.

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